Results from Stourbridge are now available. I'm sorry it took a few days, I've been rather busy at work!

Once again, our thanks to our hosts, but not only for looking after us, but also to one of them for playing 12 nine-minute games in the space of 3 hours to save 2 of our teams!

A few standouts from the overall results.


9th BH2 with 8 points
8th BS2 with 12 points
7th The League of Evil with 18 points (see I got your name right!)
6th Derpy (BS1) with 20 points
5th Coventry with 35 points
3rd equal SwinKing with 53 points
3rd equal but with (WOW) exactly 2000 points more scored,, Swindon B
2nd with 55 points, BH1

and our current leaders, with 69 points, Swindon A!



I've started to put some work into these. Currently they are ranking players who have played at least 12 games. I will increase this as the rounds fall in.

The top ten currently are:

10th Maaku
9th Thom
8th Rebeski
7th Neb
6th Leigh
5th Lil'D
4th Gammer
3rd Lanky
2nd Stephen

1st Charlotte

The link to the online excel document, as ever, remains the same.

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