Round 1 is now complete!

First of all, I'd like to repeat our thanks to EVERYONE that came and played yesterday. Dave and I hope you all had as much fun as we did.

I can't fault anything - from the spirit of the players to the packs, to the people working (especially Helen - score inputter extraordinaire) - everything went really well, so thank you.

Of course, congratulations must go to Swindon A for winning this round, and to Charlotte for being top of the solo rankings!

There is a link on the front page of the site to the score spreadsheet we used yesterday. This will remain and be updated as the events continue. In case you missed it -

I've corrected the error in the calculation of average scores - thanks for that Alex.

I need to make a slight edit to the rules after yesterday's event. When I have done this, I'll repost and let you all know the difference.

See you all in Woking in April! They are due to be getting new packs around the time of our event, so we might be the first tournament to use them!


P.S. Did anyone take any photos yesterday?