Before I get on to the score updates, a quick announcement. Dave and I are hoping to soon have a system in place to calculate solo rankings. This will be updated monthly and will reflect your rank in the list of LQ players. This ranking will not just be calculated from LQA rounds though!

The ELC, and any other accredited events, will have their results added to this ranking to give a true reflection of your position. This will also hopefully increase the attendance at other events, which is all part and parcel of the idea of the LQA!

We will build a set of rules for accredited events and send these out to centres shortly.

Score updates after two rounds

I've just spent some time refining a couple of bits of the spreadsheet so that it will adjust average scores and so forth. This means that it will be able to work out itself how many games each player actually played (rather than me having to manually overrride it).

I've then added a new tab to the spreadsheet called Combined_results. No prizes for guessing what you might find there!

If you can't be bothered to take a look at it, then here are the highlights:

Team rankings after 2 rounds:

 Position  Team Name  Points
1 Swindon A 45
2 Swindon B 39
3 Swinking 38
4 BH1 36
5 Coventry 20
6 Derpy 18
7 = Woking C 7
7 = BH2 7
9 Misfits 6


Top ten players by average score after 2 rounds:

 1 Daydream
 2 Charlotte
 3 Lanky
 4 Tubski
 5 Gammer
 6 Rebeski
 7 Neb
 8 Dwoopy
 9 Leigh
 10 Lil'D


Please note that there will be a minimum of two rounds or 12 games to be played to feature in the solo players list. This requirement will be added into the rankings after the next round.

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