The 6 events will use the ELC rules, as at the ELC in Coventry last year. There will need to be some changes because of different team sizes and so on, but in essence they are the same.


Team make-up

The idea of this event is to create teams and encourage players who can go on to challenge for honours at future ELCs. To this end, the team formation rules are as follows:

  • Teams will be comprised of 4 players, with an additional player as an optional substitute.
  • You must play for your LOCAL team, unless you have a strong link with another centre.
  • All teams must be registered with your local site rep at least 7 days before your first event: this will give us time to make sure that the rules above have been adhered to!
  • Each team must have a defined captain (and if they are absent at a particular event, another player must take the captain's role).

Local means the nearest centre to you, where you might play a members' night. If the closest centre doesn't run such events, then you may go to the second nearest, and so on.

An example of a strong link might be that LiL'D would want to play for Swindon, despite the fact that he lives in Bournemouth. This would be put to the representatives we have chosen from each centre, and they, along with the organisers, would make a decision on what was the right centre for him to play at.



The cost to attend each round is £50 per team. This will cover the costs of using the centre, as well as trophies at the end of the year.

We have agreed with the centres that there must be a minimum of 5 teams taking part in a round for the event to run.

A deposit of £25 per team is payable a week before the team's first event. This deposit will 'roll over' to the following event. This means that on the final round, each team will need to pay only £25, as the deposit will be used to cover the remainder.



All games will be triplequest. There will be no finals at the end of each individual event, as team points will be carried over into the following event.