Woking 4-man to be the first non LQA event!

This event will be the first such to be included in the new, national ranking system. This ranking will run continuously, with updating rankings published (probably) every other month, to coincide with the LQA rounds.  There will also be a ranking published at the start of each year, which will list the final positions for the previous year.

Other events can be included as a ranking event. In order for this to happen, certain initial criteria must be met:

- Must be open to all LQ players;

- Must have had at least a 3 week sign up period, publicised externally to a reasonable proportion of LQ players;

- Must have a tournament format which allows for easy direct comparison of player performances;


- Must have games which are controlled & marshalled according to the latest ELC/LQA rules;

- Must have an .xls or .xlsx record of scores for the games to be used for ranking points.

For further details, or to request for an event to be ranked, please contact edward at lqa dot info!


Ranking system announced!


When the LQA league was restarted this year, there were a number of intentions. These included:

to improve the standard of people playing;

to increase the number of people playing; and

to increase the number of people playing regularly.

Already there have been more competitive events this year than last, and the ranking system is intended to be another step along that route.


So how does it work?

Despite the wall of text above, it's rather simple really.

1) Enter an event which will be submitting scores to the LQA (check for a list on this website, to be sure);

2) Play as well as you can. Or better.

3) Wait for the next update of the rankings (every other month) and see how you got on!

You will need to keep playing as there will be a decay factor to older scores (even within the 12 month period).


If there's interest, I may write a post to explain in more detail how the system will work. Let me know in the comments box below! 

Posted by Uprising on
I'm interested, you know I like spreadsheets and stuff :)
How does the decay factor work?
Posted by admin on
I really need to set up notifications for these posts, otherwise they get ignored... As for your question, I haven't figured that one out - any ideas?
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