Woking over!

Thanks to everyone that made the trip to Woking this evening. It's a real pity that the new equipment wasn't installed in time, as planned. I hope that the issues didn't detract too much from the idea of the event!

Thanks especially to Neb (for hand writing the schedules) and to Alex and Phil for helpin to keep things going. Especially Alex, who decided to stay in the arena and who made a massive contribution to getting us all out of Woking at a reasonable time.

I think I'm also supposed to say something here about cake - I'm not entirely sure what, as I saw the cake -it looked pretty awesome - but that was about it.. so if you had some cake, please thank the person who made it! If YOU made the cake, let me know and I'll give you a shout! :-)

Congratulations this time to Swindon B for winning the round, and to Lanky for being top of the solo rankings!

There is a link on the front page of the site to the score spreadsheet. This will remain and be updated as the events continue. In case you missed it - http://1drv.ms/MoOr2l

Team formation change

What you may not realise is that in that last round, one team used 2 substitutes. The rules did say that only 1 sub may be used by each 4 player team. Seeing as it's a bit tough to stop the rest of a team playing a round, Dave and I made a call to increase the sub limit to 2. This obviously applies to all teams, and is effective straight away.

See you all in Stourbridge for round 3! If I recall correctly, Stourbridge won an award for technical excellence last time we ran the LQA league.


P.S. Did anyone take any photos?

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Posted by Headshot on
Dat cake, it was made by myself, uprising and *lolgirl* :)
Posted by Headshot on
Dat cake, it was made by myself, uprising and *lolgirl* :)
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